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Hello, my name is Brian and I'm a new and upcoming trumpet performer and teacher in the Hartford Region. Throughout high school I was a leader in all of my ensembles as well as first chair in the Regionals as well as the NCCC band. I have also played first chair in the Greater Hartford Youth Wind Ensemble as well as Assistant Principal Trumpet in the Connecticut Youth Symphony. With the Connecticut Youth Symphony I have performed with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra with advanced repertoire. As of now I am a student accepted into the Hartt School of Music as a Music Ed. Major as well as a Trumpet Performance Major. However, I have decided to drop my performance degree because I do not want to pursue my performance degree at Hartt. I plan on getting my performance degree at a school that concentrates more on performance such as Eastman, New England Conservatory, Curtis, and so forth.

Other than that, I'm a student at college and I pretty much love college. I have a ton of fun chillin with my friends and partying lol. I like to fool around, go out, bowl, drive around, watch performances and what not. I absolutely love Dave Matthews...and Queen...then there's Billy Joel, Elton John, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Rufus Wrainright.....and much more. My AIM screen name is tspcebtwn. For those of you that are wondering it's The Space Between (not "T spice B-town"). I only say that because that's what my room mate thought it was haha. Gimme a shout and we can talk sometime. Ciao!!!
I like to do a whole bunch of things. I absolutely love trumpet but I think I might enjoy piano more haha. I like to sit down in a room with some friends at the keyboard and just jam. You know play some progressions and just sing. I also like goin out to parties, bowlin, frizbee!!, performing teaching all that stuff. But I pretty much like to do everything but work. Work can be ok cuz you get money. Dave Matthews
This girl named Megan <3


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So I have kind of a weird and random question...So I have only played a Bb trumpet. Hence I only know how to read Bb music... When you play a C trumpet, what is the music like... I know its written in C, but if a note is on the middle C line for a Bb trumpet how would you play it...I guess I just dont know the fingerings... I know if you play a C on a Bb trumpet, the note you play on the C trumpet is a Bb...I may not make sense my question but if you could answer it the best you can that would be great! thanks
6 years ago

Hey, whats up with you lately?
6 years ago

i been playing the trmupet for about 8 years, been in the studio once or twice to make demos, i know how to vibrato but i need to know how to use the shake technique without actually shaking the trumpet do you have any words of advice?
7 years ago

Hi there. When you say brand, you're really using a loaded word. I have heard of those brands before, but they're nothing special. If you've only been playing for 2 years, then it's not necessary to move onto new equipment. But that's not my choice. You really want to buy a new trumpet when you really know you've grown out of the bore of the instrument you're playing on now. If you want a good quality instrument that will last you ...well for the rest of your life, ide go with a Bach strad, or a yamaha xeno. Those in my book are the top quality. as well as schilke. okie dokie? hope i helped! any more questions. here's my AIM. tspcebtwn
7 years ago

Iplaytrumpet in my 2nd year of looking to buy a trumpet off ebay.Do you know how good the brands titan or Cecilio trumpets are? i cant find anything about them, so im wondering if they are just a cheapo brand. thanks
7 years ago

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