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aka Vinod MOOGI
Member Since: 11 Apr 2008
Status:   Registered Member
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Date of birth : 7 Apr 1972
Age : 42 yrs
Region : India  
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About Me
I am an Engineer by profession & Bansuri is only a Hobby.
I had interest to play Flute from my child hood but never ever could learn. It is only since 2 1/2 years I started learning Bansuri ( Indian Bamboo Flute ) on my own, as business was dull & there was vaccume in my life, nothing was favouring or moving my way. Even though I am Indian I always had liking for Western music, well inspired by famous musicians like Mr.Ian Anderson, Sir, James Galaway,Mr.John Mayol, Mr.Greg Patilo etc.

My basics is "Carnatic flute", I was also well inspired by Hindustani classical Flautists like Pandit Hariprasad, Mr.Pannalal Gosh & Mr.Praveen Godkindi.

I am grateful to this site & few members of this site who have shaped me to be what I am.

I have posted two of my recordings "Sound Of Silence" & "Scarborough Fair" on "Youtube", "Metacafe" & "Myspace"
Links for the same are posted on "Flute Forum"

Thank you very much for sparing your time to read about me.

Love & Peace


Blues, jazz, Rock, Classical & Hindustani classical music

vinodmoogi's Videos

Whisper of Waves ( Original )
Greetings, “Whisper of waves” ( Original ) Composer : Mr.Richard Stoker – U.K. Harp : Ms Donatella - Germany Flute & Video : Vinod MOOGI - India Video Links : Mr.Richard Stoker : Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music - Associate of the Royal College of Music LONDON - UK (Composer-Conductor /Actor / Author / Artist / Director / Coach etc.) Mr.Richard Stoker’s story on this composition : This was composed for Vinod Moogi for his new film on waves. The music is inspired by the feelings, I get contemplating & seeing the beauty of the sea shores, sands, waves & tides throughout the world. It is inspired also by the beauty of the High - pitched woodwind instruments such as Flutes, Pic's, Recorders, Indian flutes & their instrumental families & an essential stimulus is Vinod Moogi's rich talent on the beautiful instrument. RICHARD STOKER - Ms Donatella – Germany : She discovered the celtic harp about 12 years ago and hasn't stopped playing since... Soon she got in touch with the spiritual dimension of this instrument, and beside playing tunes, she also started exploring improvisation to "hear" its voice, which she says feels like letting the harp play her, instead of her playing it. She also explored meditative music the same way. She is quite a passionate musician. After watching some of my videos, which she liked and fascinated her, especially “ Monody of water falls”, she got in touch with me through a German friend of mine and expressed her interest of playing with me. Now you can see and hear the results. Please enjoy the music with head phones & please share your comments, as they are most welcomed. Thanks Good day Love & Peace Vinod MOOGI

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Hi Moogie,
Yes, I do love animals. That picture with the rabbit and flute was taken shortly before that bunny (Akasha) died unexpectedly. We were so sad. I used to post under the username Kara but changed it so I could start using my real name.

Have a great day!
4 years ago

Thank you so much for your apreciation. I have used Bansuri "E" scale flute. It is made of Bamboo.
First time when I played the flute, I was just warming up. Blackie came from nowhere yelping & jumping near me as I played on. It was totally a strange reaction. You must be knowing that the Scientist who invented Gramophone, had his pet react strangely to his voice coming from the Gramophone. That made them use their pet as their logo. It was called "His masters voice".

This is what made be involve "Blackie" in the video. If you see him in the first picture, it is similar to the logo of "His masters voice". He is alomost kissing my flute.

4 years ago

Hey! Thanks for the comment! Yes, I've had several pets but right now I'm down to a dog and a guinea pig. Scarborough Fair is actually one of my favorite tunes! You played it beautifully! Your dog looks really nice, mine is actually part lab. What flute were you playing in the video? It's sounded beautiful.
4 years ago

Hi J_L

Yes, that is the flute I play. It is hand made using Bamboo by a flautist up south in Kerala who lives on Verkala beach & heat treated to give that blackening effect.
It is G flat 25 inch.


5 years ago

Hi Vino!
Just to say hello.

I see the bambu flute in your avatar. Is that the one you play? Do you know the key of it or what is the lowest note it can play?
5 years ago


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