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aka Vinod MOOGI
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About Me
I have been playing the Bansuri ( Indian Bamboo flute )since 5 years now.
I create mystic spiritual sounds mixed with nature sounds. Also collaborate with Musicians around the world.
I am thankful to my Guru Dr.Len Anderson, who is a retired Music School Director & who has been playing all the wind instruments for more than 50 years, for his support & encouragement.
I hope you appreciate my music videos & enjoy
Love & Peace

Blues, jazz, Rock, Classical & Hindustani classical music, World

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" Aria "
Hello Greetings, “Aria” Composition is by Mr.Jacques IBERT Flute & Video : Vinod MOOGI – India Video Shoot : Viktoria Malankina - Russia Video Links : Dr.Len Anderson- U.S.A, : Retired music school director & plays all the wind instruments. He is my Guru & mentor I thank him for advising & guiding me all along. Pls. see below what he has got to say about my music Unquote : Sounds's all personal have to be the ultimate one who is satisfied......and have fun......and don't let critics disway I have always said, the Bansuri is so very limited in the number and range of notes it can play....your desire to play western music using it is commendable.....what you produce is NOT the composition, but rather an interpretation of the are inspired by a composition and recreate a Bansuri rendition of the composition as you interpret it....absolutely nothing wrong with that....if some one ever says your Bansuri performance is NOT the composition, just say that you were inspired by the original composition and knowing the limitations of a Bansuri flute's construction, you try to create a sound that reflects the composer's one can argue with that.....just have fun..... Quote : Please enjoy the music with headphones and please share your comments, as they are most welcome. Thanks Love & Peace Vinod MOOGI

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