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About Me
I have been playing the Bansuri ( Indian Bamboo flute )since 5 years now.
I create mystic spiritual sounds mixed with nature sounds. Also collaborate with Musicians around the world.
I am thankful to my Guru Dr.Len Anderson, who is a retired Music School Director & who has been playing all the wind instruments for more than 50 years, for his support & encouragement.
I hope you appreciate my music videos & enjoy
Love & Peace

Blues, jazz, Rock, Classical & Hindustani classical music, World

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Besame Mucho = Kiss me More
Greetings, “Besame Mucho = Kiss me More” Monochord : Ms.Donatella Abate – Germany. Harmonium : Ms.Veronica Minor - Mexico Bansuri & Video : Vinod MOOGI - India Harmonium : played by Ms Veronica – Mexico, she was fascinated seeing my “ Slumbers of Gold” & other videos, then came out with the idea that I should do one famous Mexican song & she shared information on this song. I have not heard this song before. I decided to do it, provided she becomes a part of the song. Ms.Veronica Minor, native of Mexico City, graduated as Musical Educator from “La Facultad de Bellas artes” in Queretaro, Mexico. As teacher, she has been working in several institutions promoting Culture and Arts. She has participated as a flutist in several spaces of popular music, member of the Mexican Choral Group under the direction of Ramon Noble Oliveros. Monochord : played by Ms Donatella Abate – Germany. It is a string instrument similar to Harp, but has a healing effect. She is quite a passionate musician. She was fascinated seeing some of my videos, especially “ Monody of water falls”, she got in touch with me through a German friend of mine and expressed her interest to play with me. We did “Whisper of waves” in which she has played the Harp, subsequently we performed live in Germany & this is the second video with me. I sincerely thank Ms Veronica for having proposed & for having sent composition of this song & for having played Harmonium. I thank my friend, Ms Donatella for having played Monochord for this video. I thank my Guru, Dr.Len Anderson – U.S.A for support & encouragement. I also thank my mentor & best critic, Mr.Jose Luis - Spain History of “Besame Mucho” : Just a little information about the composer of the song, Consuelo Velázquez: "Her best known success : Besame Mucho , bolero composed when he was only 16, was the tune that brought more satisfaction Velázquez, and that became his calling card. This song was created before Consuelo received his first kiss . After being recorded by the Spanish-Mexican baritone Emilio Tuero in 1944 his first adaptation was made in English by the famous pianist and singer Nat " King" Cole (when the interpreter is not even thought about recording in Spanish language) . Hence hereafter was performed by hundreds of artists around the world such as Pedro Infante, Javier Solis , The Beatles , La Internacional Sonora Santanera , The Flamingos, Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra , The Ventures, Sammy Davis Jr., Antonio Machin , Lucho Gatica , Placido Domingo, Vera Lynn, Luis Mariano (who popularized it in France ), Sara Montiel, José Carreras, Ray Conniff and his Orchestra , Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Luis Miguel , Diana Krall, Filippa Giordano, Zoe, Susana Zabaleta , Mónica Naranjo and others. Besame Mucho is also known as Kiss Me Much , Kiss Me a Lot, Kiss Me Again and Again , and Stale Embrasse -Moi Ma Boskavaj . Translated into more than 20 languages , Song became an icon in popular music. His great success in the U.S. was the contextualization of the song to the women waiting for their husbands in World War II ." Pls. enjoy the music with head phones & pls. share your comments. Love & Peace Vinod MOOGI

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Hi Moogie,
Yes, I do love animals. That picture with the rabbit and flute was taken shortly before that bunny (Akasha) died unexpectedly. We were so sad. I used to post under the username Kara but changed it so I could start using my real name.

Have a great day!
4 years ago

Thank you so much for your apreciation. I have used Bansuri "E" scale flute. It is made of Bamboo.
First time when I played the flute, I was just warming up. Blackie came from nowhere yelping & jumping near me as I played on. It was totally a strange reaction. You must be knowing that the Scientist who invented Gramophone, had his pet react strangely to his voice coming from the Gramophone. That made them use their pet as their logo. It was called "His masters voice".

This is what made be involve "Blackie" in the video. If you see him in the first picture, it is similar to the logo of "His masters voice". He is alomost kissing my flute.

4 years ago

Hey! Thanks for the comment! Yes, I've had several pets but right now I'm down to a dog and a guinea pig. Scarborough Fair is actually one of my favorite tunes! You played it beautifully! Your dog looks really nice, mine is actually part lab. What flute were you playing in the video? It's sounded beautiful.
4 years ago

Hi J_L

Yes, that is the flute I play. It is hand made using Bamboo by a flautist up south in Kerala who lives on Verkala beach & heat treated to give that blackening effect.
It is G flat 25 inch.


5 years ago

Hi Vino!
Just to say hello.

I see the bambu flute in your avatar. Is that the one you play? Do you know the key of it or what is the lowest note it can play?
5 years ago

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