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About Me
i really like to play piano. I love to play Pirates of the Carrabian music!!! The songs are super cool!!!!!!!!!!! I love animals, epecaly cute and cuddly, like snakes and lizards and spiders!!!!!!!!! ooooo i just love bugs!!!
i can play the guitar too, but not very well ('^-^)
soooooo thats me the average jane (note: jane is not my name. its like John doe only jane doe. like on those crime tv shows when they cant identify a body they either call them jane or john.........)
well um...... yeah so laters!!!!!!!!!!
till next time i WhiteDragon001 reporting live....
*and cut. thats a wrap people*
omg do you think i did ok
*you did fine. heres ur mocha lata*
thanks well i hope i did.....
OMG is this thing still on
la la la la la la
i like shiny things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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