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Scores by xorys

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Composer Title File Types Instrumentation Plays Uploaded
Muzio Clementi Sonata Op2 No1 for Flute & Piano Flute  5149 8 years ago
J.S.Bach Et In Spiritum Sanctum Flute  3568 8 years ago
J.S.Bach Ich wŁnschte mir den Tod Flute  2504 8 years ago
J.S.Bach Minuets in G and G minor BWV anh. 114 and 115 Flute  4731 8 years ago
J.S.Bach Mir Ekelt Mehr zu Leben, from Cantata 170 Flute  2159 8 years ago
J.S.Bach Aria 'Sich uben um lieben' from Cantata BWV 202 Flute  3803 8 years ago
J.S.Bach Cantata BWV 170, 'Vergnugte Ruh, Belibte Seelenlust' Flute  3365 8 years ago
Handel Aria 'Ombra mai fu' from Serse Flute  13391 8 years ago
Handel Va godendo vezzoso e bello from Serse Flute  6697 8 years ago

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MP3s by xorys

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Flute Sonata in G Major, Op.5 No.6
by Giovanni Chinzer
for Flute 

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MIDI files by xorys

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Trio for flute, violin & bass
by Sylvius Leopold Weiss
for Mixed Ensemble 

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Prelude for Lute in C Minor
by J. S . Bach
for Guitar 

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