Piano Chord Chart

Piano Chord Chart

Begin by selecting the root of the chord from the top menu, then select the chord extension from the side menu.
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C Chords

C major   
C minor   
C 7   
C m7   
C maj7   
C m#7 (mM7)   
C 7b5   
C 7#5   
C m7b5   
C 7b9   
C b5   
C 5   
C 6   
C m6   
C 69   
C 9   
C m9   
C maj9   
C add9   
C 7#9   
C 11   
C m11   
C 13   
C sus2   
C sus4   
C7 sus4   
C dim   
C dim7   
C half dim   
C aug   

C Scales

C major scale
C harmonic minor scale

Piano Chord: C

See also the C Guitar chord

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