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"At the height of its fame, Duran Duran ("The Fab Five") was featured on the cover of the February 1984 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

"In 1981, Duran Duran consisted of Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon (rear), and the unrelated Taylors, Roger, Andy, and John (front).

"This 12-inch picture disk for "The Reflex" was one of many collector

"The 1993 album Duran Duran (aka The Wedding Album) launched the band back into the Top 10.

"This 2003 press photo by Richard Haughton gave many anxious fans their first glimpse of the reunited band.

"The distinctive purple album cover of 1982

"In 1986, Duran Duran was reduced to a trio: Rhodes, John Taylor, Le Bon

"In 1997, the band lost its final Taylor; the trio was now Rhodes, Le Bon, and Cuccurullo.

"The members of Duran Duran were making fun of themselves in the "Rio" video.

Duran Duran

Duran Duran

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