David Bruce - Bob Cat sheet music
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David Bruce - Bob Cat sheet music for Piano (pdf)

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About 'Bob Cat'

Artist: Bruce, David (biography)   (sheet music)
The Artist:David Bruce has a growing reputation as a composer, with commissions from Carnegie Hall, the San Diego Symphony and the Royal Opera House, London. He also happens to run Red Balloon Technology Ltd, the company behind 8notes.com. He has written a number of pieces for beginners in a jazz and blues styles, which appear on the site.
Composition Date:unknown
Composition Info:
Score KeyC major (Sounding Pitch)
Number of Pages2
Difficulty LevelEasy Level: Recommended for Beginners with some playing experience
Instrument: Piano  (View more Easy Piano Music)
Style: Jazz (View more Jazz Piano Music)
film (View more film Piano Music)
traditional (View more traditional Piano Music)


Copyright: Copyright belongs to the composer. Reproduced with permission.
This file may be printed and performed freely, but should not be digitally copied, shared or reproduced without permission.  

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No parts available for this pieces as it is for solo piano.

Alternative Versions

Arrangements of this piece also available for:


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