Waldteufel - Skater's Waltz sheet music
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Waldteufel - Skater's Waltz sheet music for Trumpet

Tempo: 99BPM


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Waldteufel - Skater's Waltz sheet music for Trumpet

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Composition Date:1882
Composition Info:Les Patineurs Valse or The Skaters' Waltz or Die Schlittschuhlaufer-Walzer (German), Op. 183, is a waltz by Emile Waldteufel.

Known in English as The Skaters' Waltz, it was composed in 1882 and was inspired by the Cercle des Patineurs or 'Rink of Skaters' at the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.
Score KeyBb major (Sounding Pitch)
C major (Trumpet in Bb)
Time Signature3/4 (View more 3/4 Music)
Tempo MarkingAllegretto = 160
Number of Pages2
Difficulty LevelEasy Level: Recommended for Beginners with some playing experience
Instrument: Trumpet  (View more Easy Trumpet Music)
Style: Classical (View more Classical Trumpet Music)
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This file may be printed and performed freely, but should not be digitally copied, shared or reproduced without permission.  

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