Sullivan, Arthur : Three Little Maids (from the Mikado)

Sullivan, Arthur : Three Little Maids (from the Mikado)

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About 'Three Little Maids (from the Mikado)'

Artist: Sullivan, Arthur (biography)   (sheet music)
Born:1842 , Lambeth, London
Died:1900 , London
The Artist:The musical half of the popular light opera team. Gilbert and Sullivan between them wrote such popular pieces as The Mikado, HMS Pinafore and The Pirates of Penzance
Composition Date:1885 ( View more 1880s sheet music)
Composition Info:The Mikado is one of the most popular and frequently played musicals of all time. The song 'Three Little Maids' was nearly cut from the original production until the cast begged for it to be reinstated!

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