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Everyone that thinks it';s hard, it';s really not. I finished mastering it in a week, and this is only my second year playing trumpet. Just take it slow. I tried to upload myself playing it but it didn';t work
32 months ago

hard and fast song some high notes
3 years ago

gosh thats so dang hard for me

I allmost passed out! =D
4 years ago

I have the music for moto perpetuo. Had for ten years, still mastering the thing...

Too bad I can';t upload it here...
5 years ago

You guys think THIS is complicated. Look up "Moto Perpetuo". Much, much harder than this. This (personally) is an exercise: a big humongous chromatic scale.
5 years ago

I';ve been playing trumpet for 2 years- i';m pretty good and I';m taking this one on. This year for solo ensemble night I made it 3 levels higher than anyone expected me to go- this year I';m going for state champion with this song- I already have it down at three fourths the actual time and still have half a year to go. I';ll post a recording when I finish getting this down.

Wish Me Luck!
5 years ago

oh dear lord that is HARD!!!!!!!! no way id be able to play that!! ive only been on trumpet for two years...pretty honors band = D
6 years ago

every time i hear this i think of the movie "Drumline"
6 years ago

you said it!!!!

8 years ago

omg this is complicated!!!
8 years ago

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