Cigarettes and Vocal Improvement

Cigarettes and Vocal Improvement

Cigarettes and Vocal Improvement    15:23 on Tuesday, January 16, 2007          

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So I am new to this forum but have been singing for 5-6 years... I always has this relaxing problem when it comes to my vocal throat, so I tend to not hit the notes that are higher without cracking. I meditate a lot. The thing is I recently stopped smoking, about 2 weeks ago. I don't know how many people do or have. When I started smoking, I feel like finally I relaxed my muscles, I found myself being able to sing extremely well, and I started to get a lot of compliments. The only thing is, it became really addictive, I didn't do it for the intentions of vocals or anything, and I don't have the urge really, except when I began to suck at singing again when I stopped. I am a fairly relaxed person, but when it comes to singing, even with a year of vocal lessons, I still run into the same problems because I feel I am not relaxed like I was with cigs. Anyone else like this, and anyone have any advice how to overcome problems? My thing is when smoking, you become less pure as a person, your moods and stuff change, and its addictive, just a struggle, because singing has been my life for ever, and I write all my own music, but I don't want the hassle of this strainious feeling. I know a lot about the voice too, but this just baffles me.


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