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8notes.com has a policy of giving a percentage of all profits to charity each year. We are extremely grateful to all the customers that have supported the site over the years, and we feel it's important to give a little back, to make the world a better place. Going forward, our aim is to give 10% of profits.

We have been inspired by other companies that do the same, such as Innocent Drinks in the UK, and the Notes in Spanish podcast, so we decided we should advertise our charitable giving here, in the hope it will encourage others to do the same.

8% of 2018-19 profits donated to Inga Foundation.
10.7% of 2017-18 profits donated to Inga Foundation.
10.4% of 2016-17 profits donated to Inga Foundation.
10.7% of 2015-16 profits donated to Inga Foundation.
11.6% of 2014-15 profits donated to Inga Foundation.
13.2% of 2013-14 profits donated to Inga Foundation

We think it's important when donating to charity to think long and hard to ensure the money given is used as effectively as possible. While there are countless good causes out there, we feel that the most critical issue facing humanity today is global warming - the size of the various crises around the world relating to famine, migration, war and other causes will only be magnified exponentially if the current direction we are pushing the climate does not change rapidly.

We support Inga Foundation, a charity set up by UK scientist Mike Hands, which we believe has the potential to effect enourmous change in the way 250 million farmers across the world live and work in rainforest areas. Slash and burn farming is rapidly destroying the world’s remaining rainforests and sending vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Yet for these farmers, it is the only way they can survive. Through implementing Inga Alley Cropping – the sustainable alternative to slash and burn – the Inga Foundation has proven that they can change this. By supporting farmers to take up this technique, they give the famers the ability to feed their families and improve their livelihoods, whilst keeping the rainforest and it’s rich biodiversity intact.

Watch an introduction to the Inga system on this video below:

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