Advice on flute brands

Advice on flute brands

Advice on flute brands    19:45 on Sunday, July 31, 2005
Are the followng flute brands good?

Trevor James

Also what piccolo/alto brands would you recomend?

I know this type of queston has been posted on here before but i need advice specifialy on these brands.

Thank you

Re: Advice on flute brands    07:14 on Monday, August 01, 2005
They`re all well known brands so you`re not going to get totally ripped off. Out of all of them I`d place Miyazawa , Muramatsu and Sankyo at the top, but this is mainly personal.

Re: Advice on flute brands    12:30 on Monday, August 01, 2005
They`re all very nice flutes. Many prefer those brand over any other. I actually own a Muramatsu and love it. Almost bought a Miyazawa... i loved it. Im not too fond of Pearl as i found the sound too confined, but many people love it and many professionals play on them.

As for piccolo brands, I hear Yamaha is nice for a cheapy... Burkhart is well known... Um............... And for Alto, my teacher owns a Dimedici and it sounds nice, my friend owns a trevor james and she loves it and my other teacher owns a yamaha and it sounds great. Look around. Im sure you`ll find something you like.

Re: Advice on flute brands    14:02 on Monday, August 01, 2005
I think all of those flute brands that you mentioned are good, but I would place Miyazawa, Muramatsu, and Sankyo above Pearl and Trevor James. You might also want to look at Powell and Altus flutes, they are also good. It`s just my opinion, but I think Pearl and Trevor James aren`t up to the professional level. I know for piccolos if you`re looking for a reliable cheap one you should look at Yamaha. For more professional wood piccolos I would look at Roy Seaman, Powell, Burkart. Hope this helps!

Re: Advice on flute brands    15:08 on Monday, August 01, 2005
Gemeinhardt is also a good flute brand, Its just the pro flutes they make the keys feel funny to me. Thats why I still have my student Gemeinhardt flute.

Re: Advice on flute brands    16:03 on Monday, August 01, 2005
I`m sorry if I sound rude but Gemeinhardt is NOT a good brand. If your looking at the tone you could get on a Gemeinhardt it doesn`t even compare to one that you could get from a Muramatsu or a comparable band. Everyone should stay clear of Gemeinhardt`s even students.

Re: Advice on flute brands    16:43 on Monday, August 01, 2005
I have a Yamaha Piccolo YPC-32 and it is very good for a student. As well, I wouldn`t see a difference between the professional plastic piccolo they have (I can`t remember the number) but, the Yamaha YPC 32 is a smart choice for a piccolo.

I have another option. You can go to and look through the flutes/piccolos they have and read the Customer Reviews on the flutes you think are suitable for you.

Good Luck

Re: Advice on flute brands    17:23 on Monday, August 01, 2005
Gemeinhardts are not that bad, Its the head joint that is bad cuz my head joint is a J1 and my flute is a 22SP, and J1 head joint is the one with that ugly sound. They sould have different head joints for gemeinhardt flute cuz when i whent to there web site they had different head joints.

Re: Advice on flute brands    20:27 on Monday, August 01, 2005
I believe that Gemeinhardt makes "ok" piccolos for students, but all of there flutes, in my opinion, are not good. I have a Gemeinhardt 4S, and it has a very nice sound for a student piccolo, but I will soon be upgrading to a Burkart-Phelan Global. For a student piccolo I would reccomend Yamaha or Gemeinhardt. But for a professional piccolo, I would go with a Burkart or a Powell. I hope this helps.

Re: Advice on flute brands    21:02 on Monday, August 01, 2005
Cameron, Ashley want to know about flutes not piccolos.

Re: Advice on flute brands    21:13 on Monday, August 01, 2005
Oh. Sorry didn`t see that u wanted to know about piccolos and alto flute. Just try them befor u buy them. Cuz some flutes are heaver then others,and Am not talking about alto flute or the flute that u have. cuz some metals are heaver then others, and to me when I had my emerson and got a buffet It was A little hard to play cuz the emerson was heaver then the buffet and It felt like the buffet was a piccolo unsted of flute. So just try them befor u buy them

Re: Advice on flute brands    21:18 on Monday, August 01, 2005
Plus the only piccolo I played was a Gemeinhardt and In Tucson,Az almost all the peolple I know play One and plus there are some teachers I know that even have them.

Re: Advice on flute brands    02:30 on Tuesday, August 02, 2005
The tone you can produce on Gemeinhardt`s standard J style headjoint can be comparable to that produced on a Muramatsu headjoint, at mf. Galway even demonstrated that he can produce his distinctive tone quality on a standard student flute.

Because of the design of the Gemeinhardt J model headjoint hole (small & round) it is incapable of the dynamic range that you can produce on a professional headjoint. The increase in volume and power you can achieve once your embouchure adjusts to a professional headjoint is simply AMAZING. Going back to the standard J headjoint the limitation becomes starkly apparent.

What is a very interesting comparison is putting a Muramatsu headjoint on a Gemeinhardt flute and comparing it to an actual Muramatsu flute. Comparing the tone of notes... at extremes. You may find the flute body can play a very minor role in tone production.

I`m very happy with my Solid Silver Gemeinhardt 3SB with handcut Natsuki head. Sure the headjoint costs as much as the flute, but it was a much cheaper and wothier investment than a lower professional model.

I am still intent on upgrading my flute n the future, but rather than pay couple thousands for a silver plate instrument that does not far surpass my current flute I plan on investing 6-8k on a completely solid silver flute that will out live me.

Always remember, try before you buy.

Re: Advice on flute brands    14:12 on Thursday, August 04, 2005

Don`t forget Altus, very good for the $$$$

Re: Advice on flute brands    23:21 on Tuesday, August 16, 2005
I know many people who do not like gemeinhardt flutes and I am not sure why. I play on a Gemeinhardt KGM Limited and it plays wonderfully. It also depends on the player himself to create a good tone, not just the flute. I am a flute student and I can get a fairly good tone out of a Gemeinhardt 2sp which is over 20 years old.
If you are looking for a good professional flute, definitely go for a Miyazawa. If you are unsatisfied with the headjoint try looking at This company makes custom headjoints that will get you exactly what you want.
If you are looking for a cheaper flute with a professional sound, go for a Gemeinhardt KGM standard or limited or a KG Limited. Also you could consider looking a for good deals on flutes.
I hope this was of some help to you.


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