Pearl Quantz PF 525RBE for beginner?

Pearl Quantz PF 525RBE for beginner?

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Pearl Quantz PF 525RBE for beginner?    05:52 on Monday, November 15, 2010

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I bought a Gemeinhardt 2SP online from Weiner Music last night and now I'm considering changing the offer for something else they have within the same price range. The flute is for my little niece, a 9-year-old, who is just starting. What they have is Armstrong 140E, and the second option would be Pearl Quantz PF 525RBE, as her teacher insists on the split-E and open holes, which to some of the people I talked to does not make much sense. I would appreciate any advice before I change the order. Also, I hope the store will be flexible enough and consider the change. Anybody with experience of dealing with Weiner Music? Thanks.


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