Help identify this flute pls! :D

Help identify this flute pls! :D

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Help identify this flute pls! :D    09:53 on Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the (this) flute world ! :D

Btws, I've recently just found a flute in my house. Bought about, 9 years ago? D: It's a chinese flute from China. Anyone can help me identify it pls?

Front View


Back View
PS: The righter hole is actually on the lower left part of the flute.


The place where you, urm, blow air?


The rear!

Help me identify this please! :D I'd really appreaciate it!

PS: I'd get my lips itchy after blowing it D: I don't know how to clean it on the inside since it's mostly bamboo =X


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