what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?

what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?

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what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    21:08 on Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Hi everybody, I have read in many forums about gemeinhardt flutes and I've found that people is not satisfaced with the tone and sound quality of these flutes, I've been playing flute 5 years and I wanna buy a gemeinhardt KGM limited, but I'm not sure because the bad reputation of the headjount cut. so please explain me what's the problem with them. thanks

Re: what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    01:15 on Friday, July 01, 2011

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My first flute was a Gemeinhardt, which I still have (I also have a Yamaha and a Miyazawa) and compare to the other flutes the Gemeinhardt is much harder to play on. It sounds nice in the upper region but I am not satisfied with the low notes.
There are two rumors I have heard about the Gemeinhardt: They have not upgraded the flutes as the other manufacturers have done, and in the 19:th when the orchestras raise their pitch level the other manufactures reconstruct their flutes, but Gemeinhardts simply cut their flutes to meet the demands.

Re: what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    12:49 on Friday, July 01, 2011

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I have had actually the opposite problem. My low tone was great, but my high (particularly middle high range notes) had horrible tone. Also, it was very flat.

Re: what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    18:39 on Monday, July 04, 2011

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Thanks for your comments guys!
Can anybody give me a professional comment please, somebody know the history of the design or problems with the headjoint or body or intonation etc?

Re: what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    12:59 on Wednesday, July 06, 2011

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I read many good apreciations about gemeinhardt piccolos but talking about flutes people say they have a terrible intonation. So how can they do for build good piccolos and bad flutes?????????

Re: what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    18:14 on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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First, professional/symphony-level flutist, flute teacher's opinion on the Gemeinhardt flutes:
If you explore Jen Cluff's webpages, you can learn quite a lot.
A Gemmie student flute should be just fine for the first year or two of band, but their 'step up' and 'pro' flutes are simply student models with added features such as open holes, B-footjoint, silver, and pointed keys. They look like better flutes, but the upgrades are a bit like putting custom wheels and leather seat covers on a Yugo- it still drives like a Yugo.

The most compelling 'evidence' I have seen for the Gemmies not really being appropriate step-up instruments, is that highly talented/advanced players pretty much never replace the headjoint of their Powell, Altus, Sankyo, Brannen or Muramatsu flute with a Gemeinhardt 'pro, handcut' headjoint.

As far as Gemeinhardt making good piccolos, but poor flutes, I don't know why they do...but they do. Our regional symphony's principal has an older Gemeinhardt wood piccolo. I've played it, and it is really nice. It's not as nice as the Burkart piccolo that another symphony member has, but it is nice. When the Gemmie picc needed to be rebuilt, its player ordered in some newer, fancier instruments to see if she wanted to replace the Gemmie, but in the end was perfectly happy having the Gemmie overhauled.

Re: what`s the prolem with gemeinhardt flutes?    06:29 on Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Some people wouldn't touch a Gemeinhardt flute due to the German namesake. The only German thing you can buy without reproach... is a car :D

Also there's a popular saying that Gemeinhardt is German for $hit. Which doesn't help the brand rep lol.


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