Behold! The Flute Man has arisen

Behold! The Flute Man has arisen

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Behold! The Flute Man has arisen    14:33 on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Hi all. I've just bought an old pure silver Emerson flute & am going to be playing like a god in no time. (With a little help from the gods that is!) It seems like a very easy instrument to play & I decided to buy one after seeing one being played in a jazz style on a movie last week. I have an uncle who played flute in the London Philharmonic Orchestra but I've never met him. I've been teaching myself to play a number of different instruments lately & now I have a beautiful flute to learn as well. Suddenly I'm noticing all the flutes on the radio that I'd never noticed before. So they were hiding in the background till my interest in flute playing woke up!


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