Yamaha Piccolo YPC-32 Nippon Gakki

Yamaha Piccolo YPC-32 Nippon Gakki

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Yamaha Piccolo YPC-32 Nippon Gakki    03:26 on Monday, January 13, 2014

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Hi Everyone,

I am selling my Yamaha Picc but I am unsure of value - I upgraded the headjoint to a Yamaha wooden one (the same as on the YPC-62) and I still have the original silver plated version too.

The details on the body read - Yamaha, YPC 32, Nippon Gakki, Japan

I am not aware of the "Nippon Gakki" - Does anyone have any more information please an or ideas on second hand resale value? All plating in good condition and no splits in wood or damage to resin body and pads all OK.



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