Selling Miyazawa GS Alloy Flute

Selling Miyazawa GS Alloy Flute

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Selling Miyazawa GS Alloy Flute    13:30 on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Miyazawa #75778
GS Alloy (90% Silver, 10% Gold) for Head, Body and Foot Joint, Sterling Silver Mechanism. Inline G Key, Pointed Tone Arms, Soldered Tone Holes, French (Open Hole), B-Foot Joint, Split E-Mechanism, Gizmo Key, Pinless Left Hand Mechanism, First Owner, Straubinger Pads in A Good Condition, Very Well Maintained Instrument, Comes with Altieri Flute Case Cover(Brown Color) upon Request.
Asking Price: $12,000

Please send me an e-mail to
I will send photos, if you are interested.
Thank you.


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