Suitable mouthpiece for Buffet R13

Suitable mouthpiece for Buffet R13

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Suitable mouthpiece for Buffet R13    17:15 on Saturday, September 20, 2003
I have recently upgraded from my old B&H Emperor to a new Beffet R13. I currently have two mouthpieces, the one supplied and an old Vandoren B45 dot. What mouthpieces do other R13 players recommend and are there any which cause problems with pitch?

Re: Suitable mouthpiece for Buffet R13    16:14 on Sunday, September 21, 2003
i use a two tone 5rv vandoren with my r13, i works well, but the shop i went to didnt have many so i didn`t try alot. the buffet mouthpeice is not very good! the 5rv lyre is also quite nice if youre only doing chamber and stuff, but apparntly the vandoren mouthpeices do not give very good projection? im not sure about this? but if you are using vandoren the two tone i found was definatley lookes nicer, played nicer and sounded nicer than the black version.

Re: Suitable mouthpiece for Buffet R13    21:07 on Wednesday, October 01, 2003
if u are looking for a somewhat expensive mouthpiece (like that you want to use for a long time) try a clarke fobes cf or CF was about $160, and it is awesome, amazing quality of tone, excellent response! u will notice the difference the second you play on one!


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