HELP!!! Ligature and Mouthpiece Question.....

HELP!!! Ligature and Mouthpiece Question.....

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HELP!!! Ligature and Mouthpiece Question.....    16:55 on Sunday, October 19, 2003
I`m thinking of getting a new mouthpiece for my bass clarinet.I`m really wanting a Pomarico Crystal.I heard that these really improve tone and sound quality.I don`t have a certain music style so maybe this would be good for doing any kind.

I noticed there are several different kinds of styles for this mouthpiece.They have a 1,2, and 3...With dif. openings ect.Which would be best for me? I play on a strenght 3 reed.

Also,I`m wanting to get a good ligature to go with the crystal mouthpiece.Can someone recoment a good quality one at a good price?

Thanks for any help!!!

Re: HELP!!! Ligature and Mouthpiece Question.....    18:05 on Tuesday, October 21, 2003
I`ve been told that unless you play in a professional band to stay away from crystal mouthpieces due to cost and how easy they break at the slightest bump.

Re: HELP!!! Ligature and Mouthpiece Question.....    20:51 on Saturday, October 25, 2003
So...? Maybe she wants to improve her sound. Maybe she is not irresponsible and does not drop her mouthpieces and treat her instrument as a play toy. Clarinet is such a glorious instrument, and I say that price and "how easy (easILY) it breaks" should not be of hindrance of making such a beautiful sound. But I mean, that`s just my opinion.

Anyway, I myself have not tried the crystal ones, but I`ve heard both good and bad things about them. Like most issues concerning which so-and-so to`s simply a matter of personal preference, so go to a place where someone will allow you to try out the mouthpieces. I hope I could be of some help.


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