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Trio Rococo & The Beatles

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Trio Rococo & The Beatles    21:04 on Saturday, May 03, 2008

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Norwegian Wood by Trio Rococo is my favorite album with music that features an oboe.

Trio Rococo are an ensemble from Denmark, and their music is a unique blend of cello, harp and oboe. Niels Eje plays oboe and english horn on the album and he also does the arrangements. He made really made me take notice of the oboe. He is a fine musician, that uses both skill and imagination. I really love his interpretation of The Beatles.

I have a small collection of Beatle tribute albums, at least 20 of them, and Nowegian Wood is undoubtly the best one I ever heard (and if you're wondering what's the worst one I ever heard: John Pizzarelli Meets The Beatles)

Any one else a fan of Trio Rococo or The Beatles?

Re: Trio Rococo & The Beatles    21:25 on Saturday, May 03, 2008

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Strange, I've never heard of them.


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