range of the oboe

range of the oboe

range of the oboe    01:32 on Monday, October 27, 2008          

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Posted by mdsail

What is the sounding range of the oboe? Also, Can oboe sound good on a low concert C? Thanks!

Re: range of the oboe    15:48 on Monday, October 27, 2008          

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Posted by oboegirl

The range of the oboe is from Bb below middle C to high G, an octave above the G on the top of the staff. I guess the oboe could sound good on a low C, I think it just depends on how you would classify "good".

Re: range of the oboe    22:42 on Monday, October 27, 2008          

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Posted by Canadian

Yep. The range of the oboe is Low Bb (below the staff) to High G. Usually though, most music for oboe with only go up to high F, it all depends though. A "good" oboist should be able to easily hit a bottom-of-the-staff C.

What age/rcm level are we talking about though?

Re: range of the oboe    15:48 on Tuesday, October 28, 2008          

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Posted by anr

If you're having problems with low notes (poor response, stuffy sound), get an oboist to adjust your oboe. You can't trust most band directors and repairpeople who don't specialize in oboe with this, so make sure to get either an actual oboist (preferably a professional or someone who studies with a professional) or a repairperson that actual oboists trust with their oboes. (If you have a college with an oboe teacher nearby, try setting up a lesson with the teacher or a grad student. During the lesson, tell your teacher you're having problems with your low C and you don't understand why. He/She will probably take your oboe, try the low notes, and fix the adjustments.) Of course, the problem might be a leaky pad, in which case you'll probably have to send it to an oboe repairperson. It also might be you or the reed, but a good teacher should be able to fix that, too.


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