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Oboe reeds.

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Oboe reeds.    00:46 on Monday, March 17, 2014

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I'm currently contemplating on whether or not should I take a bold step forward and start creating my own reeds.

Just out of sheer curiosity, can I use fishing line as an alternative to the thread traditionally used?

Also, what should I have to look for while making and finishing off a reed? Especially from setting the cane on the staple and tying it and from thereon.

Re: Oboe reeds.    01:27 on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Fishing line NOT a good alternative.
You may use nylon thread.

Making a reed has two major procedures:
1) tying the cane to the stape
2) scraping and fine-tuning the reed

You can learn the two in parallel. But as a beginner in reed making, the skill to scrape the reeds with a knife will be very useful.

You can actually purchase some "blank reeds" from reed sellers to practice. Also, you ask for some threads (and other supplies) from them.

A provider I suggest is PerformanceReeds. (dot com). You can also contact their support email to ask for more information.


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