Help ID This Buffet Crampon Carl Fischer Oboe

Help ID This Buffet Crampon Carl Fischer Oboe

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Help ID This Buffet Crampon Carl Fischer Oboe    23:22 on Monday, July 28, 2014 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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I've come across this old oboe and I need help identifying it..

It appears to be a Buffet Crampon Carl Fischer New York Oboe. Made in France. All wood.

Heres a gallery I made on imgur.

I've been told it's silver plated and would shine up real nicely and one repair shop guy thought it was from 1929. He also said because of the several options of restoration of pads and cork that I should find the buyer first so they can choose how they want it set up.

The wood is completely intact and everything is functional. The pads and cork need to be replaced. It appears to be in the original box with the original reed case and cleaning tool.

My question is What model is this? The oldest serial I can find is 0864(1924) and this is 0869. One guy told me that Buffet lost a lot of their records in WWII. I'm pretty sure this sat in the box for over 60 years in an attic that had air conditioning so I think this is a pretty rare find.

What do you think the value of something like this would be and would you restore it or sell it as is? I'm a clarinet player and didn't know anyone in my family ever played this so it had to be sitting there in the box for years, but it was in my grandmothers house and I found it cleaning it out after it was sold.


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