Bassoonist wanted for online collaboration!

Bassoonist wanted for online collaboration!

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Bassoonist wanted for online collaboration!    21:10 on Saturday, September 11, 2004
hi bassoonists!--I started this online music project--a corny cover of "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss" and would love a bassoon player to do a solo at the end of it! Any or all bassoonists that know how to record themselves and make an mp3 (or zipped WAV--I am on highspeed connection) of their track so that I could mix it into my master are welcome to jam on it!

Here is the track:

Import this MP3 into your multitrack recording software at measure 1, 125 bpm. Record your track (which should start around measure 45) then email me your mp3 of your soloed track!!!

People on the track so far: me (USA) vox, ukulele, drum programming, wilhelm (Germany) piano; Tony (England) harmonies.

Our online jamming site is:




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