Bassoon Cases

Bassoon Cases

Bassoon Cases    00:37 on Wednesday, February 02, 2005          
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I just wanted to ask, how big are bassoon cases? (like w x l x h) I heard there are bassoons that have more cuts to be fit into smaller cases. Is it rare, or not?


Re: Bassoon Cases    11:14 on Wednesday, February 02, 2005          
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hmm... yes. the ones that can fit into smaller cases are called gentleman`s bassoons... i want one... but our school just has regular ones... it makes no sense. they way regular basoons are cut just makes them have a more unbalanced case...

anyways, i have mine in myroom right now. i`ll measure it for you. it`s a selmer student model.

L: 28" (around 70cm)
W: 13" (around 34cm)
H: 4" (around 10cm)

a getleman`s basson case would be 2-3" shorter, but i`ve never seen one besides pictures (lol) so i wouldn`t know for sure.

IMO bassoon cases aren`t heavy at all (and if they seem heavy, they feel lighter and lighter every week ) the problem is that they`re so long that it`s unbalanced... haha, you can`t walk quickly in them like flute cases or clarinet cases... the case just ends up swinging back and forth and hitting your knee.. =/

Re: Bassoon Cases    20:07 on Wednesday, February 02, 2005          
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Oh yay! Thanks again Jay. I thought they`d be more giganthorn!* I see, I just got out a ruler and imaged it on the floor It`s about the same size as the alto saxes right? Or maybe tenor? I thought it`d be big as a bass clarinet, but then again, you can`t take bass clarinets apart, so they`re longer.

I am very delighted right now, because I was telling my dad about playing the bassoon and he asked how big it was and I said as tall as me and he was very surprised. Then, my brother in high school comes along and says it`s hard to carry it in the bus. So I was in the midst of wondering

Re: Bassoon Cases    22:39 on Thursday, February 03, 2005          
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glad to help. starting up on the bassoon was the best choice of my life. my parents were kinda hesitant, but i`m glad i made the choice i did and they now know that i am capable of a big instrument.

yea, like inbetween an alto and a tenor sax, except the case is WAAAAY thinner. think of an oversized breifcase. that`s a bassoon case.

meh. not hard to carry on thr bus. just be careful not to hit people`s knees when your carrying it through the bus. sitting or standing, i like to hold it upwards (so it`s tall), and i like to carry it through the bus with one hand on the handle and the other on the handle at the top or just on one of the corners guiding it through the bus so i don`t hit anyone

Re: Bassoon Cases    17:25 on Monday, February 07, 2005          
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about the size between an alto and tenor but quite a bit thiner.


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