Mouthpieces some info!

Mouthpieces some info!

Mouthpieces some info!    19:17 on Saturday, July 23, 2011          

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Posted by reedy

Hi all, thought I would have a bit of a chat about mouthpieces!

the mouthpiece is the metal part where your lips buz and vibrate creating a sound which the trumpet then amplifies in basic terms...

so what do different mouhtpieces do?

there are litrally millions of different MP's around each creating a different feeling, sound and effect
mouthpiece selection can be used to change the colour of the sound so basically it changes the sound and has NOTHING to do with how high you can play!
and the general rule is that shallower mouthpieces have a brighter sound and deeper MPs have a darker sound. and the tighter backbores feel tighter with more resistance as the larger have less

so why get a new mouthpiece?

If your teacher has said to
if you are unhappy and un confutable on your current
if you change play situations

why not to get a new mouthpiece?

because your bored with yours and think a new one will make you better
because you cant quite play that double top C
no no no and no!

So who should use what and when?

some people believe you should play on one mouthpiece only!

some (like myself) think it makes more sense to play on two or three

heres why!

would you use the same mouthpiece to play screaming lead and classical? probably not
would you every try and scream lead for 3 hours on a bach 1C? nope

so in that situation use a 14a4a for the lead then the 1C for the classical job both are specificly made for the jobs and so should be used for those jobs

so what mouthpiece should I use then?
I dunno? go try some out and get the one that sounds and feels the best!
or ask your teachers!

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Seems to me as if your having a conversation with yourself a little. But you must understand that different mouthpieces affect the physics when it comes to the issue of playing the trumpet. I'm sure that you know that when you blow air, your lips create vibrations that affect the pitch, and the air in the tubing of the trumpet create vibrations there to make the pitch (partial, you get the idea) speak. Slower vibrations, deeper tone and great for lower middle and pedal registers. Faster vibrations, less deeper tone but great for upper middle and high registers. The mouthpiece is essential because: one, it either increases or reduces the speed of your air; two, because the physics of the speed of air changed (going from a deep to shallow cup, and vice versa) the way your lips vibrate change as well (deeper cup=lips vibrate more; smaller cup=lips vibrate less). Deep mouthpieces gives you more flexibility in the lower middle and pedal registers (makes your life easier in the pedal register), and smaller mouthpieces give you more flexibility in the upper middle and high registers. Yes, the color of the sound changes, but that is entirely dependent of your embouchure, the way you breath and blow out, and posture. "would you every try and scream lead for 3 hours on a bach 1C? nope": of course not, cause the cup will not give you ENOUGH support to "scream" lead. Even if you did try to play in the high register with, especially WITH, a 1C, your strength would be drained out. Trust me. I was lead trumpet in a studio jazz band, forgot my lead mouthpiece, and had to record for a Disney motion picture. Not fun AT ALL. "would you use the same mouthpiece to play screaming lead and classical? probably not": it is possible, but using a lead mouthpiece in classical=no broad sound (the sound would be inappropriate, as you already know).

Nice to chat with you!

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Re: Mouthpieces some info!    14:03 on Saturday, November 05, 2011          

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