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Me, myself and Kenny G 

Me, myself and Kenny G

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Me, myself and Kenny G    20:26 on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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Thereís one thing I must confess,
Now, please donít get upset with me.
Every day I try my best,
to play my sax like Kenny G.

My teacher says my mindís corrupt,
he shakes his head and stands in awe
He said one day I must wake up
Ďcuz, Kenny G wonít get me far.
But, Iím so happy, Iím so free,
my horn has personality.
People keep on telling me,
that, I got chops like Kenny G.
If Kenny ainít your cup of tea.
Iíll understand, but wonít agree.
Call me ďcopycatĒ or ďwanna beĒ
I got chops like Kenny G.

Ladies love the way I play,
Iím getting better every day.
It ainít no baffling mystery,
I got chops like Kenny G.
Circular breathing ainít no sweat,
I harmonize with Silhouette.
Songbird is my favorite song,
I can play it all day long.

I play along and have a blast;
I used to think he played too fast.
I listen to him all the time,
I never ever fall behind.
I can play in every key,
my tone can match his perfectly.
His licks and riffs come easily,
I got chops like Kenny G.

Ainít no other way to be,
I got chops like Kenny G.
You donít like it? Fine with me,
I got chops like Kenny G.


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