inherited trombone - want to learn

inherited trombone - want to learn

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inherited trombone - want to learn    16:23 on Monday, October 24, 2005
Hi all,

My first post here, after having found the site on google.

I have recently inherited a trombone from my father, and am keen on learning to play it. I play electric bass and acoustic guitar mainly, however my knowledge of these instruments have not proved much help in learning.

The reason I`m posting here instead of buying a book:

I play mainly English/Irish/Scottish folk music, both in pub sessions and for events. The key of these tunes is almost always D/G/Em/Am, and while these keys are easy enough on guitar and bass, I`m not so sure about trombone. I don`t want to go and buy a book that tells me how to play in B flat, as it may not be much use to me. I know the trombone has been used for playing in these tunes before, but I`ve no idea how to start. Can anyone offer any advice please? Even tell me how to get a few basic notes to start off with (G/C/D/A)?

Thank you in advance,

Josef Rose

Re: inherited trombone - want to learn    20:37 on Monday, October 24, 2005
before worrying about what notes go in those keys id worry about getting a good sound out. if i were you id maybe catch a lesson or two with somebody and figure how to get the right sounds out and where notes go. then i think because you are probably already keen in those keys that your ears will just take you where you need to go. good luck


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