adagio (Albinoni, Giazotto)

adagio (Albinoni, Giazotto)

adagio (Albinoni, Giazotto)    16:30 on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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adagio (Albinoni, Giazotto)....
does anyone know where i might be able to find this for trombone and piano? i've looked for it and will continue to look for it, but everytime i do search for it i get adagio and something else that i forgot. So does someone know where i might be able ot find this?


Re: adagio (Albinoni, Giazotto)    14:27 on Thursday, September 07, 2006

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Hey... I think you may be talking about the Adagio (1st movement) to T. Albinoni's Sonate en Fa Majeur (Gerard BILLAUDOT, Editeur). Adaptee pour Trombone basse et piano. It used to be published by Maestro Music in France, but has since changed to Garard Billaudot. Hope that helped.


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