learning trombone

learning trombone

learning trombone    10:02 on Tuesday, March 02, 2004
hi im 11 my friend is teaching me how to play trombone i originally played oboe can you give me some advice please & thank you!

Re: learning trombone    10:06 on Tuesday, March 02, 2004
ya just concentrate on what you`re playing it`ll take some time but you`ll get the hang of it!

Re: learning trombone    11:01 on Tuesday, March 02, 2004
you stink

Re: learning trombone    19:26 on Tuesday, March 02, 2004
:O that wasn`t very nice!
hey mate, i recon it`s good you`re asking for advice... my teacher told me just to `go for the sound` i mean, learn the positions and stuff too, but if you can get ur embursure *how ever u spell it* right quickly, it really helps. don`t force stuff out - u`ll only get frustrated and it should all come with practice. Since you`ve played the oboe u probably know that though

Re: learning trombone    10:19 on Wednesday, March 03, 2004
thank you Trea i really appreciate your advice dont mind jasmineL. shes the person teaching me she was just playing around.

Re: learning trombone    18:55 on Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Hey great, trombone is awsome, im 13 and ive been playing for a couple of years, if you need any advice for the trombone i should be able to help

Re: learning trombone    18:56 on Wednesday, March 03, 2004
2 things you need to remember are to keep your throat open and try to open your mouth up and make it an O as much as possible.

Re: learning trombone    22:39 on Friday, March 05, 2004
Thank you for your help i realy appreciate it

Re: learning trombone    16:12 on Thursday, March 11, 2004
If this is your first brass instrument dont try the upper range because it can ruin you embouchre

Re: learning trombone    13:11 on Saturday, March 13, 2004
hey, try buzzing on your mouthpiece for a while to develop your lip muscles if this is your first brass instrument, loooowwwww miiiidddlleee hiiiigghhh,,,,,,,hiiighhh miiidddleee,,,,,loowwww, do that with your mouth piece, don`t stress your lips you can damage them, just excercise them and you will strengthen your ability to play.
shoot an email to me to let me know how you`re doing. if you want.


Re: learning trombone    21:06 on Thursday, September 09, 2004
I`m learning trombone but I`m not sure if I have every note down...is there a website where you can hear the actual note sounds...please anyone know of one.

Re: learning trombone    02:35 on Friday, September 10, 2004
I suggest really getting involved in the arbans book. The first couple pages of that are whole notes and quarter notes. those beginning pages will get your foot into the door on making a proper sound. also with those long tones on the first 2 pages get on the piano and pluck those notes out and buzz with the piano, that way you can get the pitch into your head.

Even though i just spewed out that stuff, i suggest finding a teacher. Although your friend is teaching you to play(which im sure that person is doing a good job) getting instruction from trombone teacher who has had years of experience is quite valuable.

OO last thing, get out there and listen to trombone!! There isnt anything more inportant that finding that right trombone sound for yourself. You can never achieve the sound YOU like until you know what you want it to sound like.

Re: learning trombone    14:53 on Friday, September 10, 2004
Mas...If he is just starting the arbans might be to much. It is really designed for players with a couple of years under there belt.

Here is my advice for you This person teaching you how long have they played, or been teaching? If there only a couple years older than you they might teach you bad habbits.

Durring the summer (most gradeschools off time)practice lip slurs and basic sight reading. This will help you be miles a head of the other students near you.

Practice long tones...The desire to play fast loud and high are alwayse there but to beable to do that you need to practice playing as soft as you can sustaining the note for 15ish seconds(you might not have lung capacity for this yet but play as long a note as you can) This will build a foundation for future skills to grow on.

this is a little strange but if you can attach your horn from string hanging from a celing or rafter and try to play lipslurs with out touching the horn with your hands. This will help you learn the magic of the mouthpiece,and proper support.

Good luck friend.

Re: learning trombone    18:00 on Friday, September 10, 2004
Don`t eat tuning slide grease. No matter how hungry you are.

Re: learning trombone    15:23 on Thursday, October 14, 2004
(Julio Rodriguez)
hey! its awsome that you decided to start playing trombone. Im a freshmen in college now, and let me tell you, I`ve some of the best years of my life playing the trombone. Try working a lot on warm ups, I know its boring to warm up, but trust me , it really pays off. Try warming up for at least fifteen minutes for now. Learning the notes and positions will all come in time. Remember that practice makes perfect, and if you really want to become a good trombone player, you need to be patient and learn to love playing the trombone. Stick with it, cuz trombone is the best instrument in the world!!! Also, listen to profecional players, it will help you a lot in the long run.


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