The Wieniawski - Scherzo Tarantelle Challenge

The Wieniawski - Scherzo Tarantelle Challenge

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The Wieniawski - Scherzo Tarantelle Challenge    15:30 on Saturday, January 03, 2009

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I'm still kind of new to violin. I play, a lot, and took lessons for a while. I'm nowhere good enough to just pick this piece of music up and start playing. But I can say that I'm very good at repeating something over and over for months till I'm good at it. Now when i picked up this piece of music and poked around at it, I realized that I'm almost dead sure when I see/hear people play it, they start generally around 5 position, give or take. But my sheet music is shown starting in first position, and doesn't show any position changes. So I'm guessing that there is a change in key that I'm missing. I would very much appreciate it if someone could point out position changes, change in key, or whatever it is I need for it to work out right. Along with this post I'll be posting scans of my sheet music, and a video of the performance.

This is a pretty good view of someone performing it:

Here is my scan, of just the violin section of the piece. I have a full piece also if it's needed:

Re: The Wieniawski - Scherzo Tarantelle Challenge    21:03 on Saturday, January 03, 2009

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The 2 under the b-flat is second finger on the A string, which would be seventh position. the numbers under/over the notes say which finger goes to it. the numbers usually only show up when there is a position change or there is a certain fingering the composer wants. Roman numerals indicate which position is to be played, but none show up here.

Re: The Wieniawski - Scherzo Tarantelle Challenge    14:50 on Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Okay, that is wrong. Don't listen to that.
The two under the first b-flat refers to second finger on the E string- in other words, third position. You play 2 on E, 4-1 on A, 3-1 on E (ignore that four under the A), 1 on A, 4 on E, 3-1 on A, 2 on E, 4 on A, 2 on E, and then shift up to sixth position, and slide down with the descending notes. I know this seems a bit complicated, but in other words- stay in third position for the first two and a half measures.
If you're having this much trouble with it, you should really consult a teacher.This isn't the kind of piece you can fake.


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