hey can u help me???

hey can u help me???

hey can u help me???    16:59 on Thursday, May 24, 2007          

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Posted by music4god

well my old kindergarten teacher just let me borrow her daughters viola for the summer! I'm REALLY happy and can't wait to start on it!!! I just have some questions.(aka i know music from piano and flute). What clef is it on? and is there any websites to help me learn??? what are the names of the strings?? (if they have a name...i know guitars do so I'm wondering) and all that stuff I just can't wait to learn,.......thanks for the help guys!!!!

Re: hey can u help me???    07:21 on Friday, May 25, 2007          

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Posted by elisabeth_rb

Viola plays mostly in ato clef which is bang in the middle of treble and bass. Some of the higher pitched scores go into treble clef.

Unless you've learned violin before, you need a teacher. Even then, I would still suggest you get one. You can't play viola on your own, you'd pick up too may bad habits, from posture to bowing and everything in between. There is just SO much to learn and it's hard to get it sorted with a teacher and impossible alone.

Have a look for some beginning teaching books at your local sheet music outlet. That will break you in gently both to viola and alto clef, but YOU NEED A TEACHER! You could advertise locally for even a violinist who fanices earning a few extra $ over the summer break??


Oh, the strings are C, (the only below middle C), then the next G up, then the next D, then lastly the next A up.

Does your bow have rosin on? Do you know how to tune the viola? Do you know how to adjust you bow? How to hold it? How to position the viola correctly on your shoulder? Fit a shoulder rest and adjust it? Get the right bow angle for each string? (Just a few things to help see the need for a teacher!!!)

Re: hey can u help me???    17:18 on Saturday, May 26, 2007          

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Posted by music4god

i have a friend who's been taking lessons forever and showing me how. She but tape on the positions and all that stuff. How to hold it, the notes, the techniques, posture, and all that stuff. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! i hope i have a fun time with it!!!!


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