help me find a good instructional book

help me find a good instructional book

help me find a good instructional book    09:03 on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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I am learning to play the Cello. It's my 4th serious instrument (I already play guitar, piano, and sax). I'm looking for a good book to teach me some technique and give some beginner level sheet music and etudes. I will likely take some lessons after a month or so of learning on my own, but I think it would be best for me to start with a book. Any suggestions?

Re: help me find a good instructional book    09:13 on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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I'm leaning towards Cello Playing for Music Lovers: A Self-Teaching Method (Spiral-bound)

Re: help me find a good instructional book    04:52 on Monday, March 23, 2009

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I had a look at the amazon link - didn't really show what's inside the book?? Although the description looked pretty in depth - eg extended position is fairly advanced for beginners.

Most of the cello methods I'm familiar with are aimed at younger beginners and you might find them a bit babyish, but if you are still looking for something to play, you might like to try the Cello Time Series...

Published in 3 volumes - Cello Time joggers/ runners/ sprinters.

These books have tunes of varied styles - classical, jazz, folk, contemporary, etc. (really good CD backing).
The only downside is that the books don't actually explain how to do things very well - it just presents the info and you have to work it out (if you already play another instrument you should be fine). I love that synchopated rhythms are introduced nice and early so you are not limited to classical tunes.

If you want to get your teeth into technique try the Superstudies series - these are studies that are craftily disguised as fun songs (actually pretty challenging)

Best wishes. Let me know how the other book goes if you get it-I hadn't heard of it before and would like to know if it is useful.


Re: help me find a good instructional book    07:25 on Monday, June 01, 2009

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I used the Essential Elements 2000 for Strings books. I thought they to be quite good for technique and bowing stuff. The songs are a little boring but what do expect for that level? Then again that may have just been that I was useing that in a small group of beginners and I was the only one who practised. Not sure...

Re: help me find a good instructional book    18:01 on Sunday, August 02, 2009

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I would imagine that by now you've found something you like but I had to add that I really like the book: Cello Playing For Music Lovers, that was recommended earlier.

The author's intended audience is ADULTS learning to play the cello. In addition to daily practice, she also recommends two etude books and I chose The Art of Cello Playing: Both of the links I've included should give you the opportunity to "peak" inside the books using Amazon's "click to look inside" option.

However, if you're like me you may be impatient with endless "exercises" and want to try some "real" music. That's one reason I was attracted to this site. I also downloaded an eBook from and it includes a great selection of easy to medium cello pieces. So now I really feel I have a good selection of music and exercises to keep me from becoming bored.

PS I've also tried Essential Elements 2000 but when my cello teacher gave me stickers for playing the exercises correctly, it was a little juvenile. Teaching adults and children requires different approaches. EE2000 was written with young people in mind. I might use it as a resource but it "feels" too "kid-y"--at least initially--for me. I also need a different teacher, but that's another subject.

I'd be interested to know what method book(s) you settled on.


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