Silent cello-quality for value

Silent cello-quality for value

Silent cello-quality for value    18:44 on Saturday, February 27, 2010          

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Posted by cellospieler

What do you think of this silent cello's quality relative to the value?
I am considering buying it and would love to know what you think.


Re: Silent cello-quality for value    00:00 on Saturday, July 03, 2010          

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Posted by chinny7150

no no and no....

Re: Silent cello-quality for value    16:34 on Friday, September 17, 2010          

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Posted by PhilOShite

! is that succinct enough for you?

Re: Silent cello-quality for value    07:19 on Sunday, September 19, 2010          

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Posted by hegyhati

I don't know it for sure, but I think, that this music shop is importing the products of the eBay user musicstorema. I started learning the cello one year ago, and I started with an electric cello from that guy. I have not experienced any problems and really like it. Recently I've bought an accustic one (from the same person). Now I have to re-learn some things, since electric cello made me lazy. I mean, I have to pay more attention to the direction of bowing, etc. With the accustic one, I had to made some modifications (on the bridge, fingerboard), but there was nothing to do with electric.

I've bought the electric one because I'm living in a student hostel, and my neighbours would have killed me, when I started... If You are already much better, or neighbours problem does not exist for You, I suggest an accustic cello with pickup (Apo does the same, as You probably know as well).

Re: Silent cello-quality for value    19:39 on Monday, September 20, 2010          

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Posted by volkswerks1

Hello, I'm sure this is a bit late but don't buy that cello! It's not worth your time and money. the "silent" cello is mostly a marketing ploy. Yamaha has a couple good models, but this cello you are looking at is no good.


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