Mr.Holland`s Opus Music?

Mr.Holland`s Opus Music?

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Mr.Holland`s Opus Music?    03:04 on Saturday, May 18, 2002
Dose anyone have any of the music from Mr.Holland`s Opus?- especially "Someone to Watch Over Me?" Thanks!

Re: Mr.Holland`s Opus Music?    04:37 on Sunday, June 09, 2002
Try Gershwin`s music for paino. I saw that piece in that book.

Re: Mr.Holland`s Opus Music?    23:13 on Saturday, June 15, 2002
i have seen that movie in my class. it`s about a guy that has a deaf son. he`s a music teacher that help his student this girl that plays the clarinet. when he grows older his. the girl became a mayor and put the band together to play for him. sorry but no i don`t know any music from the movie.


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