Video Game Music

Video Game Music

Video Game Music    21:28 on Tuesday, May 17, 2005
During my 17 or so year life, my single obsession has been SNES. I`ve started to collect some of the sheet music for various songs from the SNES games. So far i have:
Zelda Dungeon Theme--Legend of Zelda
Windscene-- Chrono Trigger
Castle theme--Super mario bros
Main theme-- Super mario bros
Star theme--Super mario bros
underwater theme--Super mario bros
underworld theme--Super mario bros
Ending theme--Super mario bros 2
Overworld theme 2 --Super mario bros 3
Air platform theme--Super mario world 1
Pink Panther-- Henry Mancini (although not a video game, a favourable cartoon character)

As you can tell i`m a beginner, and have tried (and failed) to play these songs. My instructor seems inthusiastic about these songs though
I would love to expand my collection, and also help you expand yours. Email me at
If you have any spare video game sheet music, i would be greatly thankful.

Re: Video Game Music    22:37 on Tuesday, May 17, 2005


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