Lady Madonna Sheet Music

Lady Madonna Sheet Music

Lady Madonna Sheet Music    12:36 on Friday, February 13, 2004
Does anyone know where to find free Lady Madonna sheet music by The Beatles?

Re: Lady Madonna Sheet Music    08:48 on Wednesday, August 17, 2005
(sam c)
hi, i know an arrangement but when you listen to the exact version it seems like its in a different key. I have looked everywhere for the exact version, i have "the beatles complete" book but it leaves out the notes at the start. Try this though:

(RH played with LH)

LH - B flat, D, E flat (ascending)
RH - C#, C, B flat (descending)

Repeat x 2
and then..
LH - F, F#, G#, B flat
RH - B flat, B flat, B flat, B flat
If you play both hands together it sounds just like it.
p.s. you will need to play some notes more than once, to get it to sound like the real thing (e.g. playing the first B flat with the LH twice)

Hope that helps
Sam C


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