I need a good peice...

I need a good peice...

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I need a good peice...    19:35 on Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Hey I am 16; I am with the other 2 or three that are getting bored with piano pieces. I have played numerous concertos...yes with orchestra...and most of the Beethoven sonatas...I have also played several Rachmoninov pieces...btw, any that are wondering a good challenging piece...Rachmoninov is one of if not the hardest in my opinion. Thanks!!!! Ohh ya..I play organ as well...have any recomendations for that. I am not quite as versed in that, but Widor and Bach are among my favorites.

Re: I need a good peice...    19:55 on Wednesday, March 10, 2004
I`m just curious, which Rachmaninoff pieces did you play? Anyway, some of the contemporary guys are pretty tough- Prokofiev and Stravinsky are good. I like Prokofiev `cause of all of the dissonance. Anyway, as far as Bach goes...maybe you could try that Art of Fugue thing- not sure if that`s a piano piece though. I think it`s for either organ or orchestra or something. Sorry, if I didn`t help you at all.


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