I don`t know where to start T_T

I don`t know where to start T_T

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I don`t know where to start T_T    19:08 on Monday, July 02, 2007

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I'm learning myself to drum, but i'm stuck, i don't know where to continiue now.
I already know simple things like:
7 nation army ( doh! )
some simple hip-hip beats (like the one from he-ya (outcast))

as you can see... not really impressive

I especially like to learn some more complicated things without needing other instruments to guide me...
i also want to learn how i can "control" my skills better. for now, i can only play songs/fillers ect. when i practised them... i can't freestyle AT ALL.

Is there anyone out there who can help me by:
learning me things,
giving tips,
giving links,
or telling me who can help me?

thanks a lot

16 year old "drummer"
interested in:
(heideroosjes(HR), flogging molly, offspring, ect.)

Re: I don`t know where to start T_T    15:38 on Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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You seem to have a good start, and you have good tastes in music, also.

Freestyling is a very good skill to hav, as it will enhance your normal playing and will help you to add a bit of originality to the music you play. You don't want to just be a record player that people can play back because they will get very bored. The way to learn how to freestyle is to play a beat you know, then try and feel the beat. Try to feel the music's themes and general movements. As you are trying to feel the music in this way try to break it down to a simpler motif. From the basic beat that you have now created, add your own beats and flourishes. Changing what other people wrote is a very good step to writing your own.

Wish I could explainmore but I have to go... sorry.


I hope this helped a bit...

Re: I don`t know where to start T_T    19:11 on Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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it sure helped

thanks a loadz

Re: I don`t know where to start T_T    17:29 on Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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Glad to help! If you have anymore questions I'll be sure to have some advice for you!


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