Question regarding a sax I`m purchasing.

Question regarding a sax I`m purchasing.

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Question regarding a sax I`m purchasing.    11:02 on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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A few weeks ago I bought my girlfriend a pretty nice used Selmer clarinet that I found on Kijiji. While I was at the sellers house she asked me if I played any instruments and I mentioned that I played saxophone in high school (about 10 or 12 years ago) and was thinking of taking it back up. So she showed me her sons old saxophone that he gave up once he went off to university.

It's a Yamaha YAS-23, and it's about 8-10 years old. About 2 month ago she took the sax in for service where it had an acid bath, was re-lacquered, had the pads changed and a full tear down and rebuild and the service came with a 1 year guarantee. I wouldn't have believed her had she now shown me the receipt, the sax looked like it was in mint condition.

My question is this, for $1000 does this sound like a good deal? I've already half paid the sax off, so I'm asking more out of an "after the fact" curiosity.


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