articulation, or tonguing on recorder

articulation, or tonguing on recorder

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articulation, or tonguing on recorder    04:57 on Saturday, February 04, 2012 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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Hi there,
I have a problem here, when I want to play quaver or semi quaver notes on recorder, the sound doesn't come out smooth and continuous. when I listen to what I played it seems that there are lot's of pauses in melody, I'm wondering if there's other way around to play faster. I found tonguing like t-k t-k or di-d'll di'dll, or d-g-d-g. but I don't get the di-d'll, di'dll. what is that? I don't get the d'll part, can you show me how you pronounce it in a word? is it like riddle? middle?
and do the pros use this method?
and do the flutists have the same problem when they want to play a fast semi quaver notes?

thank you guys.


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