New ios recording & Mixing app (ezRecorder) video.

New ios recording & Mixing app (ezRecorder) video.

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New ios recording & Mixing app (ezRecorder) video.    09:03 on Sunday, April 15, 2012

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appstore link :

Youtube demo :

There are many multi-track recording apps in the AppStore.
However, this app is special because of its distinguishing features described as below.
ezRecorder supports 7 multi-track recording and various effectors like reverb, compressor, distortion, etc. It also supports action recorder which enables record your behavior during recording. So you can record volume, pan controlling and real-time effector controlling. It includes 177 HQ drum loops with various tempo.

You can also import songs from iPod music library and export to wav or AAC format.
ezRecorder will be the best recording/mixing app in the iOS.


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