Awesome Vocal Lesson in NYC

Awesome Vocal Lesson in NYC

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Awesome Vocal Lesson in NYC    17:44 on Sunday, February 26, 2012 Vote for this post Vote against this post 0 votes

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Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and am really liking how much useful information is on here. Thought I'd contribute!

I've started taking lessons with a wonderful vocal coach. Her name is Sally Morgan. She's in the upper west side. She's developed her own method called Sing You Like Speak.

I got her name through a friend of mine after asking him about his vocal training. The guy is a great singer. Really good. I figured if I wanted to record an album and really do it up in NYC, I had to step my game up. I called Sally and set up a lesson.

Honest to god, after the first lesson, I knew i was gonna get somewhere if I kept it up and after two lessons, had a much easier time at the recording studio. A LOT less strain, better access to upper and lower registers just by thinking about speaking before starting to sing... I know, it sounds a bit contradicting but I'm telling you it works.

Check her out. She's got a bunch of videos on youtube if you want to get a taste of how she goes about it all. In fact, check out this link:

Here's another quick lesson she has up on youtube:

Just wanted to bring her to everyone's attention 'cause it's tough to find someone who can really teach contemporary voice and since a lot of us are trying to do contemporary music, it makes sense to point her out.

You can reach her at or leave her a message at (646) 450-SING.

If you'd like more info, check out

Cheers, everyone.



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