Hello, Street pianist and composer, here you have some of my compo

Hello, Street pianist and composer, here you have some of my compo

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Hello, Street pianist and composer, here you have some of my compo    09:02 on Saturday, May 25, 2013



My name is Steve Villa-Massone, I am on this forum for years, watching a lot topics, but I was not there as a member, unfortunately.
I am a street pianist, from Paris. I play on the street for about 10 years. I use to play compositions, classical pieces and some transcriptions. I hope you will enjoy my compositions (and arrangements). Have you some buskers (street musicians) on your city? What kind of music are they playing?
Have you ever played in a public area ?


"Come Bach", an old composition, in bach style. I composed it some years ago.


"La lune bleue" ("Blue moon"), this piece is not really classic, it is like a love music.


"Sonate n1 en La Mineur" composed some months ago, I use to play it a lot on streets.


In this other video, I play "schubertienne", a recent composition too. I tried to make a work on Schubert.



Vivaldi The Four Seasons, winter (my own piano transcription). I made it cause I thought that Winter's piano covers were kinda rare on youtube. It was live recorded, on the street, so there are some mistakes.


In this other video I made a jazz arrangment of "alla turka". It was like 40% improvisation.


Finaly on this last video, I play "czardas" (Vittorio Monti), composed for violin. I made this arrangment for violin + piano. Live recorded too, it was on the street with a close friend, david (violin).


And for fun, the last one, it was my first "busk" on Paris, I played with a friend (marco), on earth wind and fire, we both are on piano, and he makes some vocal trumpet.


Have a great day and I hope you will enjoy those videos.


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