Opinions on the Holton 379

Opinions on the Holton 379

Opinions on the Holton 379    14:13 on Friday, May 08, 2009

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently contemplating the purchase of a used Holton 379 and was hoping to get some feedback on peoples opinion of the horn.

As far as I can tell the 379 is a 179 without some of the bells and whistles like the water key, jeweled valve caps, etc., but several websites list the 179 as a professional horn while they list the 379 as an intermediate horn. Holton lists both as professional on their website.

For a little background info, I'm playing in a local concert band and don't have any aspirations or delusions of grandeur towards playing at a professional level.

Anyway, if any of you have opinions on this model, good, bad or indifferent, please let me know. Of course I guess the real test will come when I see the horn in person and test it out.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Opinions on the Holton 379    19:08 on Friday, May 08, 2009

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The 379 is Holton's "intermediate" model, the 179 is Holton's "professional" model.
The bells and whistles are what you see immediately on the outside.
What you don't see is the interior tapers and solders.
The 379 is designed to make it easier to play the notes.
The 179 is designed for the more advance player to acheive a better tone color.

For what you are doing there is nothing wrong with the 379. I wouldn't use it in the recording studio, but as you said you're not going there.

Re: Opinions on the Holton 379    11:10 on Saturday, May 09, 2009

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I've never met a Holton I didn't like.

My two cents!

Valerie Wells
"The Balanced Embouchure" for French Horn

Re: Opinions on the Holton 379    23:41 on Friday, May 15, 2009

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Thanks for the feedback!

As it turns out the Holton had seen more wear than I had hoped for and would have needed some work.

So, it's on to other things. I'm going to check out a King Eroica, which from what I've read here and in other places can be a really great, but really under-valued horn.

I've also seen some ads for King 2259 and King 2260, but haven't found much information on those models and how they stack up to the Eroica.

Any insights?


Re: Opinions on the Holton 379    08:38 on Sunday, May 17, 2009

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King Eroica - Really nice horns, especially around the 1970's.

The Eroica has what is known as a large throat bell. The taper is very similar to the Conn 8D (and I do mean VERY similar).

The 2259 and 2260 use a medium throat bell. The difference is you will have better note control, especially in the higher register with the medium throat bell. I know a lot of older professionals who move to the medium bell throat when they retire from the big symphonies. The difference between the 59 and 60 I think is just brass versus nickel. All my horns are nickel, save one which is my Woodwind Quintet Horn. Your articulations may speak a little more easily with the brass horn; but you'll a more soft, gentle, warm sound with the nickel horn. Regardless you will be able to adapt to either - so see which sound you like.


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