Beginning Band for 4th grader--instrument recommendations

Beginning Band for 4th grader--instrument recommendations

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Beginning Band for 4th grader--instrument recommendations    11:22 on Monday, August 29, 2011

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Hi all, my daughter is beginning band and we went to the music store and are renting a Conn 14D single horn. It comes from a reputable place and its serial # is 828918 so i think it was made 1960 or so. If we purchase it in the next 6 months it will cost about $900. For us we really don't have that much money. Do you have any recomend. on other places. I know conn is good as well as holton, but am afraid I will buy a crapper in trying to save money. We don't really have anyone here who could help us as we are new to the city and don't know anyone. I have looked on ebay and craigslist etc., but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I know she will only be playing a single for a few years so don't want to invest too much in it. Thanks shannon

Re: Beginning Band for 4th grader--instrument recommendations    17:15 on Monday, August 29, 2011

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Here's my two cents - - -
If you plan on switching her to a double horn then do ont purchase a single horn. If money is going to be an issue then save what you can. . . keep your eyes out for a used double horn the first ones that jump to mind are Yamaha 567, or a Holton 300 series (367 etc).

She should be able to borrow one from the school when she gets into junior high school.

See if you can find a teacher in the area that can work with you on a sliding scale. Horn is not an instrument that should be attempted without private instruction form a good teacher (and there are lots of crappy teachers out there - but there are lots of good ones also). Often teachers will have access to reasonably priced used student horns (but you have to spend money on the lessons but you should be gettign a good instrument).

Jupiter seems to have decent student horns as well. If you are not going to be able to afford lessons; contact the closest good university and talk to the Horn professor there. See if you can schedule a month of lessons every third month. They can also play any used horn you think you might want to purchase to see if it is good. Explain to them the money issue and they might be able to work with you by either giving less frequent lessons and/or setting you up with a grad student maybe.

Re: Beginning Band for 4th grader--instrument recommendations    14:33 on Friday, December 02, 2011

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See this for an example of Steve Park playing on a Holton 378. Nice instrument. Nice horn player.

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