Laskey a couple months out 80G vs 775J

Laskey a couple months out 80G vs 775J

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Laskey a couple months out 80G vs 775J    15:49 on Monday, October 08, 2012

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Ok, so I have been using the 80G and find it a superior mouthpiece, especially tonewise. It is extremely flexible but my top-end suffers. For second/fourth playing, I have not played anything like this. It moves easily, the notes notch, and this is on a Paxman 25A (I think that's even bigger than the 8D) and it still gives a bunch of spot on full volume, no "Splat" or over-brightness. Picked up a used 775J, silver-plated just like the 80G. Whereas the 80G is lush, this just as Laskey's page says, has enough brightness and verve. The high-end is easy, the flexibility is great (vs magnificent) but the first horn sound, cutting power is so markedly different, it's like a whiskey sour (775j) vs a brandy Alexander (80g) if that makes sense. The rim on both are awesome and just great workmanship. I've decided to try to get the Gliere going (urgh!?!) and have decided the 775j though the 80G really helps on some of the moving passages, the 775j from F# (top line treble) up just keeps the tone so even that it is definitely the one. So, now I have my two mouthpieces, the 80G for second/fourth and 775J for solo/first and probably third.

Re: Laskey a couple months out 80G vs 775J    10:34 on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Glad you like your Laskeys. They've done some wonderful engineering, oh how I wish we had Laskeys back when I was a younger horn player.

Re: Laskey a couple months out 80G vs 775J    20:53 on Thursday, November 29, 2012

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If you are planning on switching between 2 cups, which to begin with I don't really advise, at least get an 80J or a 775G so you aren't switching rim diameters. That will really screw you up.


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